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Reflexology - A Love Story

And I say a love story because I really fell in love with this simple technique so I could help my daughter deal with problems that raised every day due to suffering from autism.Reflexology a Love Story 170X109


Alicia's life (this is her real name) and physical reality is a continual struggle without a concrete answer to her problems, no one has ever been able to give an explanation or reason for her condition, which is the great question of her intellectual disability.


This is also true at the physical level except in cases where obvious symptoms often do not know why when she is crying or upset, it is so difficult that we feel helpless and most of the times we have to go to chemistry to try to calm this little creature when she comes to us.


Suddenly it appeared to me Reflexology, a tool that allows only my hands and her breathing be able to make the crying stop, so I can transfer the security, to convey the feeling that I am in command of the situation and be able to cope with her discontent in some way. How wonderful!, It would be impossible not to fall for that!. When I see the generosity with which a girl like Alicia gives me her feet, relying on my help, the speed with which she removes her socks when she listens the word "reflexology" is because this therapy holds something magical.


Reflexology changed my life, there is a before and after since that first year. Seeing the reaction of my daughter I realized that my mission in life, in addition to ensuring her welfare, was to help other parents in my same circumstances, try to get their hands to be the balm of reparation, that these children need help to cope with their feeling of confusion and despair of not knowing what is going on comes to their lives. If I could do it, I feel that everybody would just need the intention and confidence in this simple but incredibly effective technique.


Since then I dedicate all my efforts to the dissemination of Reflexology and Metamorphic Technique among parents of children with special needs. I love to see their commitment, devotion, their willingness to continue fighting and to keep the joy of life still intact. This gives me the strength and the certainty that, thanks to Alicia and all the harshness of the circumstances, I have discovered another way of looking at the same reality, for she has become my best teacher and her feet my best companions in this journey.


Sometimes I try to look at my life and to my daughter's like a spectator, so I can realize that things can be improved. One thing that looks obvious but so hard to get, is the serenity. If I'm calm, stay calm, the feeling spreads, everything flows and works better. But it is hard to reach that state.


In theory it seems to be simple, but in the day to day things change a lot. From my personal experience I offer reflexology, a therapy that contains simple but great strength and power to help in this search for serenity. It is from this state of things, where the situation still remains the same, that we live our lives in such a different way from day to day.

Reflexology not only helps Alicia to relax and to make a break to her state of stress. It also helps her feel protected without even realizing of how it works on her immune system and on mine too. I tend to say and I think a sentence to which you will surely be familiar: "I can not afford to get sick", but what it should say is" I want to be healthy", because now I have a powerful tool that will help enhance my immune system so it is always ready to support me and her.


Her digestive system also notices the benefits of this therapy, relieving stress that has such a direct impact on her digestion. In addition to stress, her anxiety triggers adrenaline to rush. This segregation activates the sympathetic system and interrupts the parasympathetic (these systems can not operate simultaneously). The activation of the sympathetic system causes the closure of the arteries and disrupts digestion, which is then completed incomplete.


When primitive man had to face predators, a situation of danger, the sympathetic system was activated to run and survive so that other secondary processes such as digestion were interrupted. The body prefers the blood supply to the muscles, removing it from digestion.

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