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Maternity Reflexology Publications



MR Conf book small

First International Conference on

Conference Lectures Highlights and Notes

All those who couldn't attend the Conference in Israel on October 11-13, can find in this book the summaries of all the lectures and workshops.

 PRICE: €  24 + € 5 P&P          



MR Poster

Maternity Reflexology - Poster

 The Maternity Reflexology Planer Chart

 size: small (A3)               
 PRICE: €  8 + € 6 P&P
 size: 44cmX60cm
 PRICE: €  18 + € 10 P&P





Generic Reflexology Publications 



Analyzing Personality

Analyzing Personality Patterns Through The Feet

By Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik

An illustrated guide for the analysis and the
understanding of our attitudes to life and their
influences on our health, through Reflexology.

146 pages - 60 illustrations

First edition - 2000
Second edition (revised) - 2004

PRICE: €  30 + € 5 P&P

The person is a whole, impossible to be divided. Every illness has a
reason to be, and most of the time people are unaware about how
do they damage themselves acting in certain ways for years. Every
single sign on the feet represents a world of information
and reveals the secrets for this damage.

Changing a personal attitude is a difficult task. However, being aware of the benefits, we can transform a problem into an opportunity to grow and our own body into our best friend.

It is our only body and it is our responsibility to take care of it. When
analyzing personality patterns through the feet, we also have the key
to open the gates of our own humanity and understand how our
behavioral patterns influence our health.



Reflexology for Cancer Patients 323 459

Reflexology For Cancer Patients

A Selection of 53 Treatment Reports

The first book ever written about Reflexology for Cancer Patients.
The book contains 53 Treatment Reports brought by the speakers,
covering a wide spectrum and variety of case histories of people who
underwent treatments for cancer and received regular sessions of
Reflexology as a complement for their treatment.

Edited and published by The Israeli Forum of Reflexology on occasion
of the First International Symposium on Reflexology and Cancer (ISRAC 2008), a major event that united the most renowned therapists and speakers in the field of Reflexology and Cancer, for the first time in the history of Reflexology, cellebrated in October 2008 in Israel.

Every Treatment Report includes a thorough description of the course of treatment and the results obtained. A Must for every Reflexologist and Oncologic caregiver around the world.

Co authors of this book:
Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik - Beryl Crane - Susan Berenson
- Dr. Bibiana Carrasco  - Lynne Booth - Carol Donnelly
- Edwina Hodkinson - Ayelet Dor - Ruti Springer  - Elias Rostein
- Nava RIdi - Dr. Martine Faure Alderson - Itzik Feigin - Leila Eriksen

Compiled by Maurcio (Moshe) Kruchik
Foreword by Kevin Kunz.

PRICE: €  33 + € 5 P&P



Reflexology Map 1

New in your clinic...

The Reflexology map based on the principles of reflection and physical laws, which are the cornerstones of finding the reflexes pertaining to the organs and body's systems in the feet.

In the new map you can find:
• Distribution of the body systems by color: for orientation,  
  diagnosis and treatment.
• Location of organs based on the principles of reflection for
  maximum accuracy.
• Authentic drawings of the organs for easier and faster detection.
• Mirroring the organs from every angle of the foot - Plantar, Medial,
  Lateral and Dorsal.
• Details and location of the cranial nerves.
• Images of the elements and chakras as expressed in the feet.
• Very detailed information.

The new map is a colorful visual presentation, clear and legible
(70 x 100 cm), and allows for quick and accurate orientation and
a comprehensive holistic understanding to support the process of
diagnosis and treatment.

Attached to the map, as a complementary tool for both the experienced therapist and the trainee, is a smaller map (18 x 13 cm) to be used as a reminder for diagnosis and treatment.

The map is an essential tool for every clinic!

Map developed by Rebecca Aharoni, Naturopath N.D., Clinical Herbalist and Senior Reflexologist.

Rebecca, the owner of the clinic "Kadma - Different Medicine" in Modiin is a therapist and a lecturer in these fields.

PRICE: €  24 + € 10 P&P



Reflexology for cats

Reflexology For Cats

A beautiful book written by Jackie Segers, reflexologist
from New Zealand.... and a mother of 2 cats...

The first book ever that provides practical instruction on Reflexology for
felines, using specific touch techniques on points of the paws, face and outer ears, which correspond to parts of the cat's body.

Included are other holistic therapies for your cat: Acupressure,
Moxibustion, Bach Flower remedies, Craniosacral Therapy, Holistic
Pulsing and Reiki

PRICE: €  30 + € 5 P&P






Inna K - Holistic Jewelry

Details and prices soon...


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